Mayor Bloomberg– President Bloomberg?

A group of Republican and Democratic congressmen and former senators are getting together to investigate the possibility of enticing Mayor Bloomberg of New York City to enter the presidential election. Former senator David Boren, said, “He brings to the table a tremendous wealth of personal experience and his commitment to bipartisanship is very strong.” Boren and former senator Sam Nunn, two weeks ago invited Republicans like William Cohen and former New Jersey governor Christie Whieman to engage in a dialogue about future political possibilities. The group believes America is a “house divided” and there is need for a president who can reach beyond partisan limits to encompass the nation in a new drive for greatness. Bloomberg will meet with the group which includes Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska and former Democratic Senator Gary Hart.

There is a distinct possibility the election of 2008 might feature four candidates, one from the Republican party, one from the Democratic party, a Ron Paul independent party venture and New York’s Mayor Bloomberg. The closest to this line-up was in 1948 when Henry Wallace ran on an liberal ticket, Strom Thurmond headed he Dixiecrats and Truman and Dewey headed the Democratic and Republican tickets. Such a configuration will drive pundits crazy because no one knows how it would play out in an individual state’s votes. There is a distinct possibility the result might have to be resolved by Congress a it did in 1800.

Bloomberg’s strengths are being an independent, a successful businessman, a man with extensive leadership experience, a supporter of medical care, gay rights, and other liberal views. His perspective on the war in Iraq is less clear. Some reports indicate the possibility of a Bloomberg/Hagel ticket which would be very attractive in various parts of the nation.

  • Citizen Ben

    And, if your readers would like to help us with our efforts – we have a Draft Bloomberg petition in place to show Mayor Bloomberg that America is looking for more than the standard rhetoric that pollutes the Presidential race…

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  • Fred Stopsky

    Frankly, I am neutral about Bloomberg. My only concern is that his candidacy might allow a conservative Republican to gain the presidency. Any reaction to this concern?

  • Michael Bloomberg for President


    Bloomberg is in it to win it.

    I do understand your concern. Incidentally, it is the same concern of the Republicans, that Bloomberg will steal more votes from them, and throw the election to the Democrats.

    The Democrats fear he will have a Nader effect. The Republicans fear he will have a Perot effect. Everyone want to downplay him, but everyone is very concerned about him.

    He is the man of the moment. The right man at the right time.

    Think about this. There are several monumental differences between Michael Bloomberg and Ralph Nader and Ross Perot. Besides several billion dollars (yes, there are even several billion dollars difference between Bloomberg and Perot). For one, Bloomberg is a presentable fellow that doesn’t act like a fringe whack-job in front of a camera. But that’s just a matter of personality. Mike Bloomberg is different in several other significant ways.

    1.) Ross Perot is a cheap-skate, Mike Bloomberg puts his money where his mouth is. Sure, Perot self financed, but only ledged to spend a mere $65M on his campaign, and then got cheap, ran no TV advertising at all, and spent only half his budget. Nader never had the financing to begin with. Mike Bloomberg is expected to spend between $500M and $2B on his independent run. Never underestimate the power of money.

    2.) Bloomberg knows the power of an endorsement. He is discreetly (and sometimes not so discreetly) lining up major names from both parties, as well as other prominent business figures to step up and endorse him, when/if he decides to enter the race. Perot and Nader had none of that. None. When major heavy hitters step up and defect their own party to endorse Bloomberg’s candidacy, it is going to be a serious game changer.

    Take a country that now has a larger non-affiliated independent voter population than either major party. Wide-spead disenchantment with both parties. Very big name defections from both major parties endorsing a third party candidate, and put a very competent and pragmatic self-made billionaire on the ticket who’s will to spend a very big piece of his own personal fortune to run for office and you’ve got a serious contender.

    To learn what some politicians of both parties, business leaders and other significant public individuals have been saying about a potential independent run for the presidency by Michael Bloomberg, look here:

    There are also videos there of Bloomberg speaking on various issues, and other information.

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