Mbeki Reveals Friendship With Mugabe IS The Issue!

Robert Mugabe has run Zimbabwe for over thirty years during which time this once prosperous nation has been transformed into failed economy and over three million forced to flee the country in order to avoid starvation. Morgan Tsvangirai of the Democratic Movement for Change(DMC) won the first election for president but Mugabe refused to recognize the election. Since then DMC workers have been beaten, tortured and killed, but the so-called “mediator,” Thabo Mbeki, believes all problems in the nation are the result of Tsvangirai refusing to cooperate with a dictator and bully. The agreement called for a coalition government in which Tsvangirai would have real power, but Mugabe refuses to hand over any power. His close friend, Mbeki, believes whatever deal old Robert does must be correct and in a recent letter to the Star of South Africa he blasted Tsvangirai.

Where are the Mbeki letters to the Star about the torture and killing of MDC leaders? Where are the letters to the Star about millions on the verge of starvation due to Mugabe policies? Mbeki has voided his role as a “mediator” because he refuses to examine issues in an impartial manner. Mbeki has been rejected by South Africans and now is rejected by any decent human being on planet Earth.