McCain Aide Asked To Resign

The American political world is still discussing recent remarks by Charlie Black, a foreign policy adviser to John McCain, in which he told Fortune magazine his candidate would benefit from a terrorist attack on America. Mr. Black now says he regrets the words of honesty and terms them “inappropriate” because he recognizes “that John McCain has devoted his entire adult life to protecting his country” against any form of attack by outside forces. Senator McCain is shocked at the comments. However, Mr. Black is absolutely correct in his comments. The entire Republican effort over the past two presidential elections has been to portray America as threatened by outside forces due to the betrayal of this nation by weak liberal Democrats. John McCain deep down in his heart knows a terrorist attack benefits his party.

George Bush went around America in 2004 waving the bloody flag of fear. He demonized Democrats and even described a senator who had lost both arms and legs fighting in Vietnam as a disloyal American. The political world should honor Mr. Black for finally admitting the real story behind Republican efforts to win elections. Mr. Black is the first Republican to speak the truth about how his party wins–smear, swiftboat, and claiming the mantle of patriotism.