McCain Blames Obama For Being Cain!

John McCain is upset. John McCain wants action towards Iran. John McCain still defends his choice of Sarah Palin and notes after his convention, Republicans  received a bigger bump than what Mitt Romney received. John McCain is disappointed that the leader of the current Republican party never got around to mentioning foreign policy in his acceptance speech. But, John McCain is most angry because President Obama is not leading in dealing with Iran. He wants the US to threaten a massive attack unless Iran halts all work on nuclear development.

John terms the current Obama Iran policy a “train wreck.” He is also furious that Obama did not retain 20,000 US troops in Iraq. Sorry John, but the president did propose keeping 20,000 troops in that country. However, refusal by the Iraq government to accept that America handled any crime committed by its troops ended the proposal. John, just imagine what YOUR party would have said if Obama went along with the Iraq government.

McCain talks about getting together a “coalition” of Middle Eastern and European nations, but offers no names. A “massive attack” on Iran will lead to attacks, suicide bombers, missiles from Lebanon towards Israel leading to another Israel invasion, leading to further war and conflict.

We do agree with Senator John McCain’s comment: “I have not seen such a poisonous campaign as this is.”