McCain: I Oppose Draft Because It Hurts Poor People!

Senator John McCain said a military draft would not work unless there was a way to ensure that the children of wealthy families serve. “Before, I would even have remote consideration for it,” he said, “someone has to tell me how rich people are forced to serve along with poor people. Rich people can always find doctor who can say they have a bad knee.” He stated that he was “not ready to go back to a totally unfair system when we ask the poorest people in this country to serve.” He added the cost of maintaining a large military would necessitate raising the ante because ‘the all-volunteer force costs money. It is a marketplace out there.”

I assume Senator McCain’s education included learning about World War I, World War II, and the Korean Conflict when rich, middle class, and poor all served their nation due to the presence of a draft system. His statement is rather bizarre in stating a draft hurts the poor and benefits the wealthy when the current volunteer system obviously benefits the wealthy and hurts the poor. Is Senator McCain really claiming the World War II draft allowed wealthy people to get out of serving because their doctor attested they had a bad knee? Does the senator recall George Bush I served as well as such famous people as actors James Stewart and Clark Gable? The list of Ivy League students who served their nation runs into the thousands.