McCain-Is Talking Appeasement Or Isn’t It?

Senator John McCain has sharply criticized Barack Obama for suggesting the need to engage in discussions with leaders of nations with whom we have conflict. Both McCain and President Bush have termed as “appeasement” any effort to engage in negotiations with regimes that support terrorism. Yesterday, after Senator McCain and President Bush had a closed-door-to-the press meeting to raise money, the senator blasted Obama with the following comment: ‘You believe all we need to do to end the nuclear programs of hostile governments is to ahve our president talk with leaders of Pyongyant and Tehran, as if we haven’t tried talking with these governments repeatedly over the past two decades.”

Senator McCain’s comment is rather intriguing because he admits that President Bush has engaged in discussions and negotiations with hostile nations. But, aren’t both McCain and Bush attacking Barack Obama for supporting exactly what the Bush administration has been doing– engaging in discussions with North Korea and Iran? Why doesn’t McCain term as “appeasement” these Bush discussions? Or is it only “appeasement” when a Democratic candidate urges the nation to do what Bush has been doing? It becomes rather confusing attempting to decipher the meaning of “appeasement.”