McCain Not Able For Republican Candidates

Unlike the collection of clowns currently running for the presidential nomination of their party, Senator John McCain actually knows something about war and peace. He served in Vietnam, was captured, tortured and today works for reconciliation with former enemies. Ron Paul shouts for all American soldiers to come home–tomorrow! Mitt Romney is unclear what to do about foreign policy other than being certain that whatever Barack Obama does is wrong. Ron Santorum would have difficulty locating Afghanistan on a map, and Newt Gingrich is convinced he knows how to solve all foreign policy problems.

Senator McCain came out in support of efforts by the State Department to engage in talks with Taliban leaders. “I think it is important to have talks wherever you can.” He emphasized that prior to talks, military forces should be successful in order to avoid negotiating from weakness. He also warned that Taliban leaders had patience and were willing to wait out US withdrawal.

McCain’s comments are common sense ideas. Unfortunately, no one in the Republican party actually listens to sensible words like those expressed by the veteran of combat.