McCain Raises Cain With Bachmann

Senator John McCain is hardly among the most progressive members of the Senate, but these days he comes across as leader of the radical wing of the Republican party. John McCain, a graduate of Annapolis, carries in his heart the motto of duty, honor and country, ideas which are foreign to the vast majority of Republicans serving in Congress. He places the interest of his nation above his own beliefs, a rare attitude for a Republican these days. McCain was shocked at remarks by Michele Bachmann that “I will not vote to increase the debt ceiling” and subsequent comments which insist there would be no problem if the United States defaulted on its debts. McCain has come to the sad conclusion, “there are Republicans who are committed, like Michele Bachmann,to vote against the debt limit under any circumstance” which he believes is wrong and economically disastrous for the nation.

Perhaps, the real shock is that about 20% of Americans believe this ignorant lady from Minnesota actually has the faintest idea about dealing with economic issues. We’ve come a long way from conservatives like Alexander Hamilton to the like of Palin and Bachmann.