McCain Raises Syria Cain!

Senator John McCain is determined to have American forces play a role in the ouster of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria. He believes that Assad will eventually be gone, the issue is whether it is now or later. McCain notes that weapons of war are being sent Assad by Iran, from Hezbollah and from Iran. Over twenty thousand are dead, but what most concerns McCain is that “the U.S. has not responded ina  way that we traditionally have done.”

McCain blasted President Obama for “not doing enough” and not speaking out. He agrees the American people do not want US soldiers involved in any military action but the situation can be handled by an American air blockade. The Senator praised Mitt Romney for speaking up for Syria and said if that Republican became president, then America would act.

The American people are overwhelmed by an economic disaster–created by Republicans. They are disgusted at continued deaths in Afghanistan. The last thing on their mind is another war, more deaths. President Obama is a captive of events. If he sends US air power to Syria and a single plane is shot down, Republicans will be demanding action or they will be yelling for Obama’s scalp since he lost an American in battle.

Sorry, John, YOU Republicans have created a situation in which a Democratic president can not take action.