McCain Says No To War In Georgia

Senator John McCain has spent the opening months of the race denouncing Barack Obama, his Democratic opponent, for fearing to stand up against aggression. But, he apparently has changed his mind about confronting Russia in the shooting war in Georgia and made clear if he was present no American troops would be sent to intervene in the war raging between Georgia and Russia. Unfortunately, for McCain, his chief foreign policy adviser has been consulting for the government of Georgia which once again has raised ethical issues pertaining to advisers to the Republican candidate.

“I don’t think we are going to re-ignite the Cold War,” McCain told reporters. Both Obama and McCain are supporting Bush’s decision to send humanitarian aid with the assistance of the American military. However, McCain urged the expulsion of Russia from the Group of Eight which is composed of leading economic powers. Exactly, how expelling Russia furthers the cause of peace has yet to be explained by the senator from Arizona.

The difficulty in grasping how John McCain would function as president is his well-known capacity for changing his mind if he becomes emotionally involved in an issue. Will he always say NO TO WAR is the question.