McCain–Still Doesn’t Understand Afghanistan

Senator John McCain ran a political campaign that was characterized by ignorance beginning with his selection of the idiot from Alaska as his running mate. McCain is in Afghanistan and reported the situation will get worse before it gets better, ‘just like the surge in Iraq was.” He called for more troops as most important to win the war in Afghanistan. The senator is traveling with his good friends, Joe Lieberman and Lindsay Graham, a trio that does not have a clue as to what is needed in Afghanistan. During the campaign, Senator McCain on several occasions got confused and thought Iraq bordered on Afghanistan. He apparently still does not understand Afghanistan is geographically larger than Iraq, more mountainous, and split into tribes and clans in ways unknown to Iraq. The Taliban is respected in many parts of Afghanistan and has close working relations with Pakistan secret intelligence.

There is no connection in terms of strategy between Afghanistan and Iraq. There are currently 62,000 US and NATO forces attempting to cover an area larger than Texas– but with mountains. Senator McCain still doesn’t understand there is no such thing in sight as “victory” because no one even knows what that entails. The best at this point is a political, and economic focus which, most probably, would result in restructuring Afghanistan into smaller units centered around tribes.