McCarthyism Takes Hold Of Japanese Politics

Outspoken japanese politician Taro Aso who is rumored to be in the running for the position of prime minister, offended members of the opposition party by comparing them to Nazis. Satsuki Eda, of the opposing Democratic Party of Japan, told Aso the electorate was moving away from his Liberal Democratic Party and seeking new directions. Aso became infuriated at the prospect his party would lose after almost three decades of power and lashed out in the comment we in America have heard from Republican defenders of Bush when Democrats dare claim they should win control of government, “”if you look at history,” said Aso, “you will see as a result of the people moving away from the party of government, regimes like the Nazis have come to power.” In America if you oppose the Republicans, you are a communist or appeaser.

Aso has previously insisted Japan had a right to conquer Korea and refused to apologize for the sadistic behavior of Japanese troops during World War II. In the eyes of Aso, we Japanese are always rights and when we say, “we Japanese,” we mean the Liberal Democratic Party.