McChrystal Not Clear About Afghanistan

During the fighting in western Europe in World War II, General George Marshall who headed the US Army removed from leadership about 25 generals for failure to aggressively achieve the aim of defeating the enemy. No American general has been fired for incompetence in either the war in Afghanistan or in Iraq. General Stanley McChrystal was relieved of command for making insulting remarks concerning the president of the United States. In his recent writings, McChyrstal now claims the advent of an Obama administration led to a “deficit of trust”between the Pentagon and White House. The issue was how many  soldiers should be sent to Afghanistan as part of a “surge.”

According  to the general he presented the president with a goal of defeating the Taliban, but it was  rejected. Of course, there is a slight difference between a “goal” and the reality of achieving the goal. Obama sent more troops to Afghanistan than did George Bush, but there is scant evidence the presence of  actions of these men resulted in “victory.”

Stanley, the famous “surge”in Iraq did NOT result in “victory.” It only led to a temporary reduction in al-Qaeda strength. There will NOT be a military “victory” over the Taliban. How about reading a book about the war in Vietnam!