McDaniel Ready To Fight!

The second round of the Republican primary was held Tuesday and the loser, Chris McDaniel and most Tea Party followers are ready to fight. McDaniel had more votes than Thad Cochran in the first primary vote, but lacked fifty percent so there was a second round. Conservative Thad Cochran who had opposed just about any law that might benefit black voters in the state, decided it was time to become the hero of black folk. He campaigned for their votes by rounding up black minister to get out the message that Massa Thad just loved each and every black person. Thad won by about five thousand on Tuesday and it is clear that black voters were the deciding factor. Mississippi allows any person to vote in any primary as long as he has not voted in a different primary.

Chris refuses to concede defeat. “We are not prone to surrender. As you know, folks, there were literally dozens of irregularities reported across the state. You know why. Before this race ends, we have to be absolutely certain that the Republican primary is won by Republican voters.” One of his aides promised that Chris is not conceding defeat and the fight is “not over yet.”

Hey, Chris, why not run as an independent? Split the vote and let some Democrat represent Mississippi.