McDonald’s Needs To Send In The Clown

I am quite aware that it is the duty and Christian responsibility of those who run large corporations to make a lot of money. In so doing, these wonderful men and women keep the yacht market busy and provide meaningful work for nannies and other such help. At present, the CEO of McDonald’s, Donald Thompson, makes a salary that is 1,000 times as large as the average worker in his company. Naturally, this necessitates his need to obtain a salary of $9.5 million for next year. For some strange reason, a few dissident stockholders are upset at this greed. Well,nothing to fear, corporate headquarters in Chicago is now closed for the day, and, perhaps for the stockholder meeting. Over 2,000 people are demonstrating in front of the headquarters because they have an idea–no doubt taken from reading the works of Karl Marx–that those who work actually deserve the right to a wage that allows them to live apart from rats in their apartment.

Thousands around the nation are rallying on behalf of those who work at McDonald’s. They want a raise from $7.45 an hour to something like $15 an hour. I have a hunch they will settle for $10 an hour. How did we reach this point in American history in which the end of our middle class is accepted without protest by the Republican party?