McDonald’s On Poverty

Workers at McDonald’s corporation are instituting a law suit in connection with the abuse they encounter attempting to get paid for a full week of work. They charge that McDonald’s does not even pay them the minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. Money is deducted for uniforms, some are told to wait to check in until there are more customers in the place, and when they examine pay checks the correct number of hours worked does not compute with the number placed there by their boss. A spokesperson for McDonald’s assures the American people that it has a “commitment to the well-being and fair treatment for all people who work in McDonald’s restaurant.”

This is certainly a valid and accurate statement. Don Thompson, CEO of the organization, earned $13.75 million in income, certainly a fair wage. The company earned $5.5 billion in profits. I don’t see Mr. Thompson complaining about wage abuse! How come?