McWedding Now Available In Hong Kong

There are those who seek an elaborate wedding in which dozens gather in some church in order to witness two people take vows of marriage, but once the dancing is over and the food is eaten, the newly married couple have thousands of dollars to pay off for the few hours of happiness. McDonald’s in Hong Kong has entered this breach of financial disaster for so many and will be offering a special McDonald’s Wedding service which includes milk shakes and hamburgers. Helen Cheung, director of corporate communications for Hong Kong McDonald;s told the media: “People said they dated here, or met here, and they wanted to get married here. We see this as a business chance.” I assume as the happy couple walks down the aisle in McDonald’s happy customers will be throwing french fries in their direction. Instead of wasting money on a priest or minister or rabbi, the McDonald’s manager will officiate and bless the couple with coupons for meals at their favorite eating place.

It is about time McDonald’s entered the marriage market. I see a time in the future in which McDonald’s will handle crime and use its facilities to have prisoners work out their sentence. Of course, a McDonald’s school already is functioning since young people working in the establishment don’t have to do any math, just press the right colored button.