Me-Did I Write That??

Mohammed Morsi, who represents the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has an opportunity to prove to secular people that his goals are to foster peace, stability and prosperity in his land. President Peres of Israel reported that he received a very cordial letter from the new president of Egypt. “I take the opportunity to reiterate that I am looking forward to exerting our efforts to get the Middle East peace process back to its right track in order to achieve security and stability for all people of the region, including that Israelis.”

After Peres praised the letter,and US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta expressed satisfaction with this outreach to peace, President Morsi exploded in anger. He insisted no such letter had been sent and anyone who claims he urged peace and cooperation with Israel is guilty of “slander!”

Morsi refuses to acknowledge that he now represents the people of Egypt, not the Muslim Brotherhood. Egypt must work with Israel, it is needed in order to facilitate a peace process.

I wonder if Morsi might apply for a position on the staff of Mitt Romney. After all, when it comes to saying one thing and then denying one said what one had said, who better than Mitt at this style of leadership?