Me Racist? No Way, Says New Zealand MP

The word, “racism” is among the most abused in the world since just about everyone can, at some point, be accused of being a racist. New Zealand MP Hone Harawira has come under severe criticism and accusations that he has engaged in racist talk just because he had a few choice words to pose about white people. While on a trip to Brussels, the MP decided to take in Paris and the side trip wound up getting him in trouble. Someone discovered he had written an email in which he referred to white people as “motherf..ers,” but he actually meant the expression as a term of endearment. After all, some of his best friends are white, or at least partially white. However, despite the remarks, Mr. Harwira is upset because someone termed them to be racist. According to the New Zealand MP, racism is “the power to impose your racial views on the rest of society” and since he lacks that power, he is, by definition, not a racist.

I am with the MP. After all, just because I refer to you as a “motherf…er” I am not insulting you, I am merely explaining your relation to your mother. How can someone who discusses his own mother wind up being a racist?