Meaning Of “Cut Government Budget”

Conservatives want to “cut government expenditures” in order to balance the budget. The words, “cut government expenditures” are in themselves not the cause of concern, but few conservatives actually examine the meaning of those words. In the United Kingdom, the Conservative government of David Cameron wants to create a new society in which government cuts its expenditures and local groups and charities step in to handle mundane things like people without health care or food to eat.  As of this point, his “cut government expenditures” has not resulted in any surge in economic activity except that poverty levels have risen.

New statistics from London reveal there has been a 4% rise in youth violence and a 9.6% rise in knife violence since the Cameron cuts were made. As Professor John Pitts notes: “If you cut summer activities for young people, as night follows day, you will see an increase in crime.” Gee, that doesn’t make sense. Conservatives know if government cuts expenditures, charities will rush to the scene with bags of money to help deal with violence among youth.

At no point does David Cameron or Tea Party members in America urge cut tax breaks for the wealthy. At no point do they urge end their corporate loopholes. And, certainly neither US or UK conservatives urge raising taxes on the wealthy. If that was done, there would be a surge in white collar crime and we all would suffer. Better a young boy with a knife in hand than a Wall Street banker with a piece of paper in hand.