Media And Terrorism

Like most Americans I spent hours watching CNN as events unrolled in the streets of Boston where police were searching for the younger brother who committed the Boston Marathon Massacre. I sat in my chair, gazing at voices and faces discussing events. My mind already knew extensive material about Chechnya and terrorism in that country. Attractive men and women discussed events even though not a single one had any understanding of the the world of Chechnya. I watched a dark screen in which gun shots could be heard, dogs barking, and lights appearing and disappearing. I had to guess that one of the murderers was some place in this darkened screen and probably had been shot.

My mind became angry at not seeing the final denouement of the killer since TV programs and the movies always makes certain I witness the last gasp  of the bad guy. No gorgeous female who can kick to death bad guys ever appeared on the screen. In fact, the only police women I saw were rather normal and none would win a beauty contest. No dashing hero appeared who could leap from roof to roof and plunge a hundred feet to land on his feet. I felt cheated.

I watched in bewilderment because nothing resembled the  movies I have seen in which good guys and gals chase bad guy and gals. I wish the police enabled me to have fun as they got the bad guys.