Medvedev Blasts US As Economic Tyrant

The aggressive policy of President Bush towards Russia have achieved one result– opposing aggression from Russian leaders. President Medvedev told the International Economic Forum the United States played a leading role in the current world wide economic crisis. “An underestimation of risks by the largest financial companies together with the aggressive policy of the world’s largest economy led not only to corporate losses,” he claimed, but “the majority of people on the planet also become poorer.” Medvedev came out swinging at nations whose “national egoism affects the situation in the entire global economy” and everyone knew only America fit the description of being egotistical and protectionist.

Unfortunately, Medvedev completely ignored his own nation’s restrictive policies which increasingly make it difficult for foreign corporations to gain control of Russian companies. A particular concern by CEOs regarding Russia was its failure to respect property rights and the lack of effective law and order. Medvedev was warned his nation’s economy was overheating and might be headed for a fall.

An encouraging sign was Medvedev’s promise to reduce the number of Russian enterprises which can not have majority foreign control.