Medvedev Blasts US Missile Plans

President Dmitry Medvedev came out swinging against the Bush plan to establish missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic to in order to protect Europe against potential Iranian missiles. Medvedev made clear he regards such installations as disrupting the peace of Europe and serve no purpose other than allowing Bush to once again boast of his toughness. ”
This common(security) heritage cannot survive if one of the sides selectively destroys isolated elements of the strategic construction. this doesn’t satisfy us.”

The Medvedev comments come after the United States and Britain sharply criticized him for allegedly going back on promises made at the G8 summit to support action against the brutal Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe. Medvedev had to admit four Russian planes had wandered into Georgia where a civil war is raging.

The bottom line is no threat exists to Europe or the United States from Iranian missiles. Why would Iran launch a missile attack on Europe knowing full well both France and the United Kingdom have nuclear missile submarines that could easily destroy most Iranian cities? George Bush has once again created a problem where none exists. The likelihood of Iran firing such missiles is as probable as Bush finding his famous WMD.

  • Jeugenen


    Medvedev does not have the power to remove the missiles in Western and Eastern Europe, and America; but he does have the power to determine whether they are pointed at Holy Mother Russia or at the China.