Medvedev Defends Injustice

There were hopes when Medvedev became president of Russia he would draw upon his legal training to institute a system of justice that Putin, his predecessor had distorted by requiring allegiance to him rather than to evidence and justice. The absurd trial of former Yukos head which had made even his detractors gasp at the crude distortion of justice in what supposedly is a democratic nation simply displayed once again that judges fear Putin’s wrath more than they fear justice At an international meeting President Medvedev insisted that he would not pardon Khodorkovsy because to do so would lead to suspicions that the Russian “justice system was flawed.” Gee, where did anyone get the idea something was wrong with the Russian judicial system that never convicts anyone who kills a human rights activist?

Businessmen around the world should consider doing business in a society in which the prime minister decides who is guilty or innocent.