Medvedev Doctrine Of Military Reform

Lost in the recent war between Georgia and Russia was the overall ineffective performance of Russia’s military forces. They won a decisive victory, not so much because of their own brilliance as a fighting force, but due to the stumbling and confused performance of Georgia’s military. An unexpected result of the Bush encouraged invasion of South Ossetia is the emergence of a new Medvedev military doctrine. Russia will be moving away from a conscript armed force and replacing it with a modern professional one. President Medvedev made clear, “all formations must be upgraded to the permanent combat readiness category by 2020.” He is also moving away from a bloated number of generals leading the armed forces and replacing them with a modernized military command system operating out of the Defense Ministry.

There is evidence Medvedev will move to a greater emphasis on high tech capabilities and the space military will be dramatically expanded. The West thought Russia’s military force was all powerful, but Russian leaders are well aware of its inept performance. George Bush gave birth to thousands of al-Qaeda forces and now he is giving birth to a modern Russian armed force.