Medvedev Promises New Russia Based On Democracy

Since his election as president of Russia, Dimitry Medvedev has come across as the stooge of Prime Minister Putin and rarely has taken a stand that differs from that of his mentor. However, in his annual State of the Nation address, the president made some oblique references to failed policies of Putin and promised that he would work for creation of a high tech and more democratic Russia. “We need to admit that in the previous years we didn’t do enough to overcome the problems that we inherited..” He went on to make a scorching criticism of Putin’s reliance on oil by emphasizing, “we need to launch modernization and renovation of the entire industrial base.”

Perhaps, it required a few years before Medvedev gathered the experience and power to undertake confronting serious problems of Russia that include the need to practice democracy rather than giving it the Putin lip service. Who knows, perhaps Medvedev will be the 21st century Gorbachev!