Medvedev Says Politics OK In Russia

By any objective criteria the state of Russian politics leaves something called “democracy” not present in the lives of its people. But, President Dimitry Medvedev believes things are politically correct in his country despite widespread evidence last fall’s elections were marred by corruption and denial of rights for opponents of the government. “In general,” says the president, “the results of the regional electionns reflect the real balance of the political forces and public sympathies in the country.” In other words, it makes no difference if his political party, United Russia, steals elections as long as they steal it along lines that reflect political views of people. The other parties in the Duma staged a boycott, but Medvedev is not impressed.

Many hoped with the election of Dimitry Medvedev after eight years of authoritarian Putin, there would be a new attitude about working for a free and democratic electoral system, but Dimitry appears to fear making changes. He continually insists United Russia IS the overwhelming favorite of the population, but he ignores that his party controls the media and has the power of government patronage. Step on on the road to democracy would be to offer opposition parties equal access to television.

  • James

    It’s not at all surprising that Medvedev is playing this game … the goal is create a passable imitation of democratic rhetoric. There is no need to convince anyone inside of Russia or beyond her borders that reforms are actually underway, but rather create enough of an appearance so as to pass as an excuse for other governments (who often have major investments in Russia) to do nothing about the rights situation.