Medvedev Seen Driving Car!

There  are unconfirmed reports that Russian President Medvedev was seen driving a car all by himself. According to these sources,  the president got into a car, did not ask anyone to drive it for him, turned the ignition key and drove away. Apparently, he did not ask his  godfather, Vladmir Putin for permission to go on an unescorted trip. We have been unable to learn if Putin was informed by his stooge protege upon return from this unauthorized trip as to the nature of going off all by himself.

This is an ominous sign. Suppose President Medvedev gets into his head the idea that he can make decisions concerning Russia without asking  dad Putin what to do! First, he drove a car by himself, next he might make a decision by himself,  third, he might tell his boss to get the hell out of his way.

Think about the great change in Russia-it all began with a ride in a car!