Medvedev To McCain-You’re Senile!

Dimitry Medvedev, the for certain victor in next week’s Russian election for president, made a not so veiled attack on Senator John McCain. Medvedev said his country “will work with any administration that will be chosen as a result of the election. Although, of course, it is easier to work with people who have modern positive positions and not with those who have the glints of the past in their eyes and frequently simply profess semi-senile views.” The Russian leader’s comments were apparently in reference to a statement made last December by McCain in which he paraphrased the famous Bush remark about looking into the eyes of Putin and getting “a sense of his soul.” McCain commented, “I looked into Putin’s eyes and saw three letters, a K, a G, a B.”

An issue with the candidacy of John McCain is his inability to free himself from politics of the past and confront new power arrangements of the modern world. An American president has to deal with Russian leaders and insulting the man behind Medvedev is hardly intelligent diplomacy. Barack Obama has told the world he will speak with any leader without preconditions. That is an example of politics of the future.

  • Craig

    “Barack Obama has told the world he will speak with any leader without preconditions.” (THE IMPUDENT OBSERVER)

    Say no more.

  • Fred Stopsky

    as Winston Churchill once said, “jaw, jaw, not war, war.”