Medvedev Tries Tough Love With US Leaders

The Russian government has come a long way from the moment George Bush looked into the eyes of then President Putin and saw a person with whom he could work. The Bush presidency has plunged Russia and the United States into the most hostile relationship since the collapse of the Soviet Union. President Medvedev told his nation, “I would like to stress we have no problem with the American people. We have no innate anti-Americanism. We hope that our partners–the new US administration–will make a choice in favor of fully-fledged relations with Russia.” He accused the Bush administration for creating regional tension by establishing US missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic and seeking to extend NATO into eastern Europe.

Most Russian leaders hope for a fresh start with Barack Obama since they regarded John McCain as simply George Bush with an even tougher verbal stance. Barack Obama offers hope to the American people for a new beginning, and hopefully he offers the same thing to the people of Russia.