Medvedev– Who Is He? Himself? Or Putin’s Stooge?

Chancellor Angela Merkel had her last visit with “President” Putin and, naturally, expects to have others with “Prime Minister” Vladmir Putin. Animportant reason for her visit in Russia was to initiate a dialogue with the new president, Dimitry Medvedev. Putin made it clear to th visiting German leader that she would not expect any dramatic changes from Medvedev. “Dimitry Medevedev is free to express his liberal views,” said Putin, “and sometimes it appears as if a few people in the world are just waiting for me to be gone. But nobody should fool themselves: Medvedev is no less a Russian patriot than me. He will represent Russia’s national interests.”

On Woman’s Day, the new president of Russia gave Angela Merkel a bouquet of flowers. The unanswered questin which will not be known for months, or even a year, is whether he is ready to give bouquet of freedom to the people of Russia. Putin feels confident his protege will tow the line, many previous leaders have had similar expectations about people they groomed for the succession.