Meet Me At The Fair!

Life in modern Iran is rather somber and few girls and boys can walk the streets chatting with one another, let alone, God forbid, touch hands. So, it is fascinating to Iranian youth for opportunities to be young, be happy, and be in love. Each year an International Book Fair is held in Tehran that attacts about 500,000 people EACH DAY! One can walk among thousands of stalls purchasing books from around the world, books that ordinarily are not readily available to  Iranian students. Dostoevsky, J.G. Ballard, Americans like Toni Morrison, can actully be purchased in a Farsi translation.

But, the real purpose of the fair for young people is an opportunity to stroll together, chat together, stop for an ice cream or cup of coffee  and not have the moral police yelling and insulting you for immodest behavior. Meet Me At The Fair is the norm this week in Tehran for all who, not only love books, but love to display symptoms of LOVE!