Mental Disorders Remain High In US Army

The United States of America contains about 310,000,000 people of whom about 2,500,000 have served in the armed forces during the past ten years. During WWII in a population of 120,000,000 about 16,000,000 served in the armed forces of the nation. It is not surprising that mental disorders have risen dramatically among those who have fought in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Pentagon has evidence that during this time period 936,283 members of the military were diagnosed with at least one mental disorder.

Mental disorders are up 65% in the past 12 years with adjustment disorders being most common. An Adjustment disorder is a short term emotional or physical response to an external stressor such as sadness, acute anxiety, worry or difficulty in sleeping. Does anyone wonder why there ares such mental disorders, given that a few are fighting while 99% go on with their daily lives?

Such is America in 2012.