Merry Olde England Not So For Foreign Students

In the old days of the British empire, people from England would wander the world while subject peoples paid hommage to their imperial masters. British citizens insisted it was their right to go where they wish and do what they wanted in foreign climes. However, these days, foreign students come to the British Isles seeking to gain an education and many of them are from oil rich socieities of the Middle East. However, the presence of wealthy “foreigners” in their midst is not always recognized by ordinary young British men who resent the wealth of the stranger. Mohammed al-Majed came to Hastings to study language and become versed in British culture. His stay was rather brief because a few days ago he was beaten to death by a gang of young British thugs who just didn’t like foreigners in their town.

During the past three years there are a reported 100 attacks on foreign students who come to study at the numerous foreign langauge training schools in Hastings. They continually are subjected to abuse and physical assault by young toughs. Panaris al-Ghandi says “every time we(brother) wouild walk they would shout things” and one time both boys were physically assaulted with his brother receiving a kick in the head.

The times they are a’changing in England, but some young boorish thugs can’t seem to get the message. They need those foreign students if their town is to prosper. Their choice is an open hand of friendship or a fist. Which one will they decide to extend?