Messing Up The Mullahs

Peter Brookes of the New York Post says according to a news account supposedly based from inside the government, President Bush signed off on a classified intelligence “finding” (whatever that means) authorizing the CIA to undertake a non-lethal covert-action program to destabilize Iran’s “nearly out-of-control government, if it’s true, it’s about time.”

This story may simply be another one of Murdoch’s inane attempts through the good offices of the New York Post to create smoke where there is no fire, or it could be genuine. If genuine, is there something weird about Bush authorizing talks with Iran while signing off on a covert-action program to destabilize the government with whom you have just initiated discussions? Logic would dictate in such a delicate time, one should act in a judicious manner, but heck, welcome to Bushland.
Information from New York Post