Mexican-American Drug Wars

The never ceasing drug wars continue in Mexico as drug lords and the government clash over power. Since 2006, at least 26,000 innocent Mexican citizens have died because drugs are an important product in America and most inhabitants of the USA lack the courage to put an end to making use of drugs a crime. Yesterday, Mexican troops clashed once again with drug dealers and killed 22 of the criminals. Of course, the problem is there are just as many drug dealers in the Mexican army as there are outside the armed forces. Mexican authorities insisted the dead WERE drug dealers, and WERE members of drug gangs. We would like to believe these attacks are actually fights between drug lords and government forces although it could be just as likely they are conflicts between drug lords inside the Mexican army who are fighting rivals.

The bottom line is the United States must FINALLY LEGALIZE DRUGS. The only way to end this senseless war is to legalize drugs and allow its free transit across national boundaries. Years ago, gambling in lotteries was a crime, we legalized it and halted crime. Years ago, betting on horse races could be a crime, we legalized such betting and crime rates dropped. Got the picture!