Mexican Drug Wars Are Really American Drug Wars

During the past four years, at least 26,000 people have died in Mexico as a result of drug wars, but, there is scant enthusiasm among Americans concerned with “terrorist threats” to do anything about such slaughter of human life. Americans became aroused and furious over Saddam Hussein whose brutality never touched the United States–aside from the Gulf War. Yesterday, Mexican police noticed a suspicious group of men and in the ensuing gun battle they killed 15 gang members who supposedly are linked to American born capo, “La Barberie” — and we are not referring to a Barbie Doll. President Felipe Calderon was on TV emphasizing to the nation “our future is at stake” and the war against drugs must be successful. A few weeks ago in a mine near a tourist spot, police found 55 bodies, which indicates it was a dumping ground for those killed in fights between drug gangs.

Unfortunately, the President of Mexico has no control over drug wars. If the American people would learn the lessons of Prohibition and legalize drugs, drug wars in Latin America would die down, if not disappear. The solution lies in the hands of Americans, not Mexicans.