Mexican Electoral Standoff

I was raised in the era when political bosses ran party machines. Of course, it was not as blatant as today when corporations purchase votes of members of Congress  with a “donation.” In my times, we voted the straight Democratic party line and in return obtained government jobs or assistance with criminal activities.  I must express admiration for Enrique Pena Nieto who “won” the recent presidential election in Mexico by receiving 38% of the vote to his nearest competitor who received 32%. Enrique makes American political bosses look like members of the Civic League for honesty in government.

Thousands of Mexican voters are rushing to their grocery store to transform the gift card received for voting the right way. Most will receive a gift of about $35, which is a lot more than any political boss I know would have paid for a vote!  Manuel Lopez Obrador, who came in second, is a bit upset. I wonder why?