Mexico Gets President, What Do Drug Lords Get??

The American people have a love affair with drugs, illegal ones, that is. They snort and sniffle and get high on drugs that come from far away countries in Asia or Latin America. Along the way of their high trips drug lords are getting even higher in income levels. So, what to do? The people of Mexico elected Enrique Nieto of the Institutional Revolutionary Party(IRP) which previously had ruled the  nation for decades. Mexicans are tired of having the American love affair ruin their right to love, freedom and peace.

Mr. Nieto has promised an end to corruption, to nepotism, and incompetence. Logic would lead to legalizing drugs in Mexico and telling Americans to get high with drugs from elsewhere. Enrique, surrender, seek  peace and seek an end to fighting drug lords by having the government become the all powerful drug lord. Sell drugs at low prices and tell America to end its lunacy.