In all honesty the numbers and letters, MH370 never entered my mind until a few weeks ago. As far as I was concerned, MH were two letters in the alphabet and 370 were simply numbers. I thought about using 3-7-0 as part of my lottery selection, but then again thought how these numbers were connected with some disappearance of people far, far away. I can scarcely pick up a newspaper or view the Internet without coming across the letters and numbers. Today, they are cited in connection with debris found some place in the Pacific of Indian Ocean or South China sea. I read the story which basically informs me there is debris but no sign of people. In my mind’s eye I wonder if there are people some place in one of these watery areas who are shouting something about MH370 or do they even know how famous they have become due to those letters and numbers.

I suspect a year from now, and certainly, five years from now those letters and numbers will have disappeared from human consciousness. They will slip into some body of water and never be heard or seen again. Unfortunately, so will the humans on MH370.

MH370 is no more a mystery. I assume that means CNN ratings will go down into the sea of reality.