Miarets For Peace?

Tommi Niemainen, writing in the Finnish newspaper, Sanomat, has identified an interesting idea that might result in peace between Palestinians and Israelis– minarets for peace. He argues that Helsinki which has been identified as the Design Capital of 2012 could “definitely do with a couple of striking minarets” to light up the city at night with dazzling lights. There is something to his idea that makes sense. What if Jerusalem became the site of dozens of minarets which were outfitted with varying color lights at night, they would add a glow to the city that would be seen for miles around.

Think about it, minarets for peace. How could any suicide bomber blast away in a city containing dozens of minarets? How could any Muslim accuse Israelis of being prejudiced if Jerusalem was adorned with minarets attached to mosques? After all, if Jerusalem became the minaret capital of the world, Muslims would have to flock to it, business would boom, Palestinians and Jews would make money and there would no longer be any basis for conflict.

Of course, we could always place minarets in West Bank settlements and for every house built for Jewish settlers, a minaret would have to be built which would be attached to the Jewish house. I think that would end West Bank settlement construction!

I always thought the Swiss were good at making money. Boy, did you people blow it when voting to ban minarets.