Michael Douglas And Catherine Zeta-Jones

I understand there are people in the United States of America, in India, in China and certainly in the European Union who are concerned about world events. I gather something is going on in a place named Syria and there is some commotion in the city of Cairo. Oh,some men and women in Washington D.C. are busily voting, once again,about some health insurance law that was passed three years ago, but after 35 times I must admit to no longer paying any attention. At this moment in time, the most important news event in my life was a report that actor Michael Douglas and his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones are separated. Now, this is the news which captures the interest of we Americans. Oh,a few people are upset in this damn place called Syria, but how can an event in sucha faraway place really match the importance of Michael and Catherine splitting up?

I can sleep very soundly if a few bombs are dropped in Syria or the Egyptian army shoots up a few places, but how can I go to bed and get a good sleep if Douglas and Jones no longer share a bed??