Michael Steele: Inaccurate, Unwise, Unnecessary!

Nine long years ago, President Bush said it was necessary for the United States to invade Afghanistan and wipe out the Taliban and Osama bin Laden. Move ahead to 2010 and it now appears the United States never invaded Afghanistan. Stories about fighting in Afghanistan were fabricated by the media because George Bush is a man of peace and never wanted American troops fighting in Asia, let alone in Iraq. At least, that is the story now told by Michael Steele the head of the Republican party. According to the Republican revised history of Afghanistan there were no American troops in Afghanistan until 2009 when newly elected President Barack Obama decided to send them into that Asian country. “It is Obama’s war” according to this leading Republican.

Unfortunately, even most Republicans can not accept this dramatic revision of history. Senator John McCain termed the remarks to be “wildly inaccurate” and urged Steele to rethink whether he should retain his post as head of the Republican National Committee. Senator Lindsay Graham put it succinctly by noting the remarks were: “uninformed, unnecessary, unwise, and untrue.”

We believe Graham was not only describing remarks by one man, but his comments apply to Fox News and the Tea Party when they describe the president.