Michele Bachmann Challenges Perry

Michele Bachmann wants to make clear to members of the Republican party that when it comes to stupidity, she is definitely number one among current candidates. During  a recent debate as Governor Rick Perry worked hard to assume the mantle of number one ignorant Republican, Bachmann decided she could not allow him to secure that role. He thundered about Social Security being a “Ponzi scheme” which led Michele to top that ridiculous statement.

She blasted Governor Perry for issuing regulations which required all teen age girls in the state to be vaccinated with HPV in order to prevent cervical cancer. Michele termed the drug a “very dangerous drug” which could result in brain damage. To make her point, she noted, “I’mnot a doctor, I’m not a physician, I’m not a scientist.” Yes, Michele, you are not.

Scientists and doctors responded there was no evidence to support her statement. But, let me note, they are only doctors and scientists so how could we take their ideas over those of Michele Bachmann??