Michele Bachmann Takes Pledge

Michele Bachmann became the first Republican candidate who signed a pledge sponsored by a Republican right wing group which wants all those worthy of their votes to promise to end gay marriage and pornography. We wonder if Michele would sign other vows;

1. A promise if elected never to vote any taxes that would compel wealthy people to seek refuge in homeless shelters.

2. A promise to help every child in a womb, but once the kid hits the fresh air, no child has a right to any medical or nutritional assistance.

3. A promise to make all Muslim females wear bikinis on the beach.

4. A promise to support the constitutional right to get drunk. Read the Second Amendment!

5. A promise never to vote health care for anyone other than congressional employees.

6. A promise to institute lashing of prisoners in order to drive the Devil out of them.

7. A promise to allow guns in operating rooms in order to protect patients for incompetent doctors.