Michele Tea Bagged

Ned Ryun, a key Tea Party leader, is calling on Michele Bachmann to end her presidential quest and go directly to the nearest coffee shop. “It’s time for Michele to go” is his plea and, like many who admire Michele, I am shocked. Why would the Tea Party ask a woman who has a direct line to God to cease running for the presidency? OK, so she is only attracting 6% in Iowa and 4% in South Carolina and about 2% in New Hampshire, but are those numbers reason for the individual who possesses the greatest intellectual grasp of America’s economic crisis to cease running for the office of president?

The United States of America needs Michele in order to ensure the Big Guy up in the sky does not get angry with us. The Democratic party needs Michele Bachmann because without her inept, ignorant remarks, Obama would lose the number one idiot in America. On the other hand, the good news is we still have Herman Cain to raise cain about.

There are nights when I wake up in a sweat because my nightmare is the disappearance of Herman, Newt, Mitt, Rick, Rick and Michele from the scene of action. If one took this collection of comics, one could have the basis for a circus.