Michelle Bachmann Drinks From Cup Of Arrogance

Michelle Bachmann is confident that she possesses the qualities required in a presidential candidate. She believes anyone who is a mother and has over 20 foster children has the training to handle 300,000,000 people. She is not afraid. She is confident that America wants and needs someone in the presidency who does have a single idea on how to address the issues of the day. She believes President Obama goes to bed each night and gives a prayer(Muslim one, that is) that Michelle will never gain the Republican nomination. “The president of the United States is threatened by my candidacy He sees me as a serious, substantive competitor. And, I think he will do whatever he can to diminish me because he thinks he will have to face me in the debates.”

I can just hear Michelle confront Obama in a debate.

Question: “Ms.Bachmann, how will we create jobs in America?”

Response: “We must cut taxes on the wealthy. We must fire people from government jobs. These actions will result in more jobs for Americans. Anyone who believes in American values wants to fire people in order to increase the number of jobs.”

Ms. Bachmann created a stir the other day by comparing herself to John Wayne when noting they both came from Waterloo, Iowa. Actually, he came from Winterset, Iowa. However, serial killer John Gacy came from Waterloo.

Oh, Michelle, few people under the age of 30 know who the hell John Wayne was.