Michelle Is A Leftist

Anyone who has watched Glenn Beck or heard the ranting of Rush Limbaugh is quite aware the First Lady of this nation is a Leftist who seeks to create a SOCIALIST society in which traditional values are uprooted. Michelle Obama was in Indonesia where she met leaders of the government. Information Minister Tifatal Sembring is a devout Muslim in a nation where most are moderate Muslims. However, in her typical radical approach to life, Michelle Obama reached out and touched the hand of this poor man. As he put it, “I tried to prevent being touched with my hands but Mrs. Michelle held her hands too far forward and we touched.” These are the times that try Muslim souls, the timid man will shrink from having his hands touched by an infidel woman, but sometimes, the infidels can not be held off. In Pakistan, the court’s sentenced a Christian woman to death for touching a bowl of water she was bringing to Muslim women so what must now happen to Michelle Obama? SHE TOUCHED THE HAND OF A DECENT DEVOUT MUSLIM MAN!!

I am somewhat confused about this incident. I thought Michelle and Barack were devout Muslims who were trying to spread their religion of hate upon the American people. If Michelle is this supposed devout Muslim gal, how come she touched the hand of a Muslim man?