Michelle Obama And Fight Against Obesity-Huh!

Every First Lady eventually becomes identified with some effort in order to prove to the world she is more than a lady who smiles at public events. Michelle Obama is attacking the issue of obesity in children, a noble goal, but unfortunately, as she fights to get kids enjoying “active healthy lives” her spouse has appointed a man as Secretary of Education whose goals are to keep kids away from play and fun. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s focus on “accountability” has forced elementary schools in America to concentrate on one thing–test scores! This translates into less time at play and more time devoted to memorizing information that will be forgotten once the test is over.

Michelle Obama is right on target in claiming “nearly one out of three children in this country is overweight or obese.” She is right to be concerned that half of African American and Hispanic children face the disease of diabetes due to being overweight. As one raised in the Depression, it is clear we had more time devoted to play and physical activities–and we still did OK in academics. Hey, Michelle, trot down the corridor and tell hubby to knock off the emphasis on memorizing trivia which is A factor in obesity of children.