Michelle Obama And Politics Of Beauty

Ah, once again, the right wing media is up in arms concerning this nation. Are they concerned about high unemployment? They are never concerned about high unemployment if it occurs during the administration of a Republican president, but, actually they couldn’t care less what happens to the average American. Are they concerned about the war in Afghanistan? Actually, for eight years not a peep out of Rush or Glenn or Fox News since a Republican had created the war, but as far as concern for those fighting in Afghanistan, their fate is the last thing on the mind of conservatives. The real issue confronting America in August, 2010 is a trip taken by Michelle Obama to Spain. She is staying at an expensive hotel with a daughter, and secret service people have to be housed. The Spanish people like Ms. Obama which makes the right wing media furious, after all, if you have seen one illegal immigrant, then you must detest all Spanish speaking peoples.

Frankly, as for Michelle Obama, she is no Eleanor Roosevelt. If workers were on strike in a coal mine, Eleanor would be there dressed in a plain cloth coat, and in many cases without secret service escorts. Americans admire Michelle Obama for her grace and beauty. We, who lived in the Depression, loved Eleanor Roosevelt because she lacked outer grace and beauty, but within she was the greatest champion of rights for poor people, for Negroes, for Jews and for Catholics. Michelle, how about one trip to a meat plant where workers are being oppressed?